第56回 「こころ」の科学セミナー

第56回 「こころ」の科学セミナー


Rapid membrane-initiated signaling by steroid hormones is important for social behaviours in mice.

Nandini Vasudevan, Ph.D.
School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading, Reading, UK

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IBNS 2017においてJSBNメンバーが中心となって企画し採択された下記の2つのシンポジウムが無事終了しました。

International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS), 2017
July 26-30, 2017,The Grand Prince Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan

1) Symposium: Molecular basis underlying social competence. Chair: Hideaki Takeuchi.

Regulatory mechanisms of social behavior in ants.
by Koto, Akiko, et al
The Neurobiology of Social Bonding and Empathy-Related Behaviors in Monogamous Prairie Voles.
by Young, Larry J.
Analysis of molecular basis underlying decision making according to social familiarity in small fish, medaka.
by Saori, Yokoi, et al
Endocrine and mutual gazing regulate human-dog reciprocal communication.
by Nagasawa, Miho, et al

2) Symposium: Estrogenic regulation of social behavior. Chair: Sonoko Ogawa.

Estrogen action on neural network of social behavior in mice.
by Ogawa, Sonoko.
Sexual differentiation of novel sexually dimorphic nucleus of dorsal hypothalamus in mice.
by Tsukahara, Shinji.
Rapid actions of estrogens on social behaviour.
by Vasudevan, Nandini, et al
Estrogenic regulation of social recognition and social learning in mice.
by Choleris, Elena, et al

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