Ms. Shoko Sagoshi received IBRO fellowship

Ms. Shoko Sagoshi, a graduate student in Ogawa Lab., received IBRO fellowship and attended the 2012 IBRO School in Malaysia held at the Monash University, Sunway, Malaysia for two weeks starting November 19, 2012.

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Symposium Talk at the 3rd International Neuroscience Symposium in Malaysia

Sonoko Ogawa gave a talk at the the 3rd International Neuroscience Symposium in Malaysia.

Presentation Date: November 30, 2012
Neuroendocrine Regulation of Social and Anxiety-Related Behaviour
Monash University, Sunway Campus, Malaysia

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Dr. Mumeko C. Tsuda was awarded with "Uchiyama Distinguished Research Award".

Former Ph.D. student in the Ogawa Lab, Dr. Mumeko C. Tsuda received "Uchiyama Distinguished Research Award".

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KOKORO Seminar #36

Life as a post-doctoral fellow in the US
Dr. Mumeko C. Tsuda
NIH/NIMH, Washington D.C., USA

October 23, 2012 (Tuesday) 5-6pm
Research Building D

Attached File: KOKORO Seminar #36.pdf

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Symposium Talk at the 35th Annual Meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society

Sonoko Ogawa gave a symposium talk at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society (Nagoya, Japan) about the US-Japan Workshop held at the Emory University.

September 20, 2012.
Lunch-Time Mini-Symposium
"Introduction of Japan-U.S. Brain Research Cooperative Program (BRCP)"

US-Japan Cooperative Workshop Report:
Neurobehavioral mechanism of affiliative behavior and cooperation: prospects for translational advances for psychiatric disorders.

Japan Side Organizer: Sonoko Ogawa
US Side Organizer: Larry J. Young (Emory University School of Medicine)

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