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New General Graduate Education Course on "The Social Brain"

New course on "The Social Brain" will be offered as part of "Global Issues and Global Society”Lecture Series.

Course Structure:Omnibus style lecture
coordinator: Dr. Sonoko Ogawa
Standard Registration Year: Not specified (For All graduate students at any grade)
Term: Intensive courses
Day and Time: February 23 (Friday) and 24 (Saturday), 2018: 10AM-5PM
Location: TBA on GGEC Web Site
Credit: One
Course Objective
 Promoting understanding of
  1) Globally-shared problems derived from a lack of stable social interactions/relationships.
  2) Progress in research on child mental development, aging, stress, brain and social behavior.
  3) Possible contribution of behavioral neuroscience and comparative cognitive science for solving global problems in social brain.

Syllabus/Course program
Day 1
Class 1: “Social Brain: Introduction” by Sonoko Ogawa, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences
Class 2: “Aging, Brain and Society” by Claudia Rodríguez-Aranda, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Tromsø
Class 3-4: “Child Development, Brain and Society” by Akemi Tomoda, Ph.D., Professor, Research Center for Child Mental Development, University of Fukui
Class 5: Discussion (led by Drs. Tomoda and Pavlides)

Day 2
Class 6: “Hormones, Brain and Society” by Larry Young, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences/Emory University
Class 7: “Stress, Brain and Society” by Constantine Pavlides, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences
Class 8-9: “Social Brain: Comparative Cognitive Science” by Masaki Tomonaga, Ph.D., Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University
Class 10: Discussion (led by Drs. Tomonaga and Pavlides)

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2012 Ogawa Lab Student Award

1) Kazuhiro Sano

2) Shoko Sagoshi

3) Yumi Tomizawa

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Mr. Kazuhiro Sano was selected as a 2012 Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Ogawa Lab member, Mr. Kazuhiro Sano, was selected as a 2012 Distinguished Teaching Fellow of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences. He gave a talk as follows.

2012 4th FD Program
February 14, 2013 (thur), 2pm-
Research Building D, Public Lecture Hall

Attached File: 24年度第4回FDプログラムの実施(掲示用).doc

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Academic Year 2012 Ogawa Lab Student Presentations

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense
Role of estrogen receptor α in the regulation of male-type social behavior in mice.
Kazuhiro Sano
January 7, 2013

Master's Thesis Presentation
Anxiety-related behavior in male mice selectively bred for aggression
 Kazuyo Nagata
 May 25, 2012

 マウスの社会的探索行動に果たす オキシトシン受容体の役割
Shoko Sagoshi
January 8, 2013

Roles of estrogen receptor β in the regulations of anxiety-related behavior
 in female mice
Yui Murata
January 8, 2013

Graduation Thesis Presentation
新生仔期母仔分離ストレスが発達期における 脳内オキシトシン受容体の発現に及ぼす影響
Yumi Tomizawa
January 30, 2013

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Ms. Shoko Sagoshi received IBRO fellowship

Ms. Shoko Sagoshi, a graduate student in Ogawa Lab., received IBRO fellowship and attended the 2012 IBRO School in Malaysia held at the Monash University, Sunway, Malaysia for two weeks starting November 19, 2012.

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