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New Research Project with Dr. Larry Young

Dr. Young at Emory University and Ogawa Lab have established a new collaborative research project supported by University of Tsukuba "International Research Unit" program.

Center for Social Neural Networks: Young Lab East

PI: Larry J Young, Ph.D.
CO PI (Host): Sonoko Ogawa, Ph.D.

August 2, 2017 ~ March 31, 2022

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Research Focus in the Ogawa Lab

Our main research focus, in the “Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroendocrinology”, is to study neuroendocrine bases of various behaviors, such as emotional, socio-sexual, and affiliative behavior in relation to establishment of social bonding. Through active collaborative studies at molecular, neuroanatomical, neurophysiological, psychological and clinical levels, we have been investigating how these behaviors are regulated by time-specific, sex-specific and site-specific hormonal action in the brain. Particularly, using a number of gene manipulation methods, including transgenic and knockout mouse models, we have been identifying molecular and neural mechanisms of estrogenic regulation of emotional and social behavior. We also have been investigating how environmental and experiential factors (e.g. early life condition) may affect development of these behaviors. Our laboratory, as the only behavioral neuroendocrinology lab and one of the best biopsychology labs in Japan, is well equipped for behavioral, neuroanatomical and neuroendocrine studies. A dozen of post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students are currently studying “behavior” from various points of view. Our ultimate goal is to provide neurobiological evidence for better understanding of various problems associated with social deficits and lack of social relationships, and establish a research field for biology-based translational social neuroscience, ie., social behavioral neuroendocrinology.

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Research Opportunities in the Ogawa Lab

1.Master's and Ph.D. Programs
Kansei, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences


2.Master's Program
Master's Program in Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences


3.Undergraduate Program
College of Psychology, School of Human Sciences


Please send a mail to ogawa#kansei.tsukuba.ac.jp (Change # to @), if you would like to visit or contact us.

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