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Ogawa Lab Student Presentation at the TGSW 2017

(1) Sagoshi, S. et al.
Effects of selective inhibition of estrogen receptorα expressing neuronal activity on running-wheel activity in female mice.

(2) Takenawa, S. et al.
Ca2+ imaging of estrogen receptor alpha positive neurons in the medial amygdala during social investigation in male mice.

(3) Saito, K., et al.
Developmental changes and sex differences of ultrasonic vocalization during social interaction tests in mice.

(4) Duarte, J., et al.
The effect of knock-down of two types of estrogen receptors in the medial amygdala on social and anxiety-related behaviors in postpartum female mice.

TGSW 2017. Tsukuba International Congress Hall
September 25-27, 2017

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Symposium Talk at the The 9th International Integrative Zoology Meeting

I gave a symposium talk as follows.

Symposium on“Neurobiology of Motivated Behaviours"

Mechanisms of Steroid Hormone Action on the Neural Network for Social Behavior

The 9th International Integrative Zoology Meeting
Aug 27-31, 2017, Xining, Qinghai Province, China

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New Research Project with Dr. Larry Young

Dr. Young at Emory University and Ogawa Lab have established a new collaborative research project supported by University of Tsukuba "International Research Unit" program.

Center for Social Neural Networks: Young Lab East

PI: Larry J Young, Ph.D.
CO PI (Host): Sonoko Ogawa, Ph.D.

August 2, 2017 ~ March 31, 2022

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New General Graduate Education Course on "The Social Brain"

New course on "The Social Brain" will be offered as part of "Global Issues and Global Society”Lecture Series.

Course Structure:Omnibus style lecture
coordinator: Dr. Sonoko Ogawa
Standard Registration Year: Not specified (For All graduate students at any grade)
Term: Intensive courses
Day and Time: February 23 (Friday) and 24 (Saturday), 2018: 10AM-5PM
Location: TBA on GGEC Web Site
Credit: One
Course Objective
 Promoting understanding of
  1) Globally-shared problems derived from a lack of stable social interactions/relationships.
  2) Progress in research on child mental development, aging, stress, brain and social behavior.
  3) Possible contribution of behavioral neuroscience and comparative cognitive science for solving global problems in social brain.

Syllabus/Course program
Day 1
Class 1: “Social Brain: Introduction” by Sonoko Ogawa, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences
Class 2: “Aging, Brain and Society” by Claudia Rodríguez-Aranda, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Tromsø
Class 3-4: “Child Development, Brain and Society” by Akemi Tomoda, Ph.D., Professor, Research Center for Child Mental Development, University of Fukui
Class 5: Discussion (led by Drs. Tomoda and Pavlides)

Day 2
Class 6: “Hormones, Brain and Society” by Larry Young, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences/Emory University
Class 7: “Stress, Brain and Society” by Constantine Pavlides, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences
Class 8-9: “Social Brain: Comparative Cognitive Science” by Masaki Tomonaga, Ph.D., Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University
Class 10: Discussion (led by Drs. Tomonaga and Pavlides)

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Symposium on Aggression at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Soceity

We had a successful symposium at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society.

Symposium on "Neural Network for Aggression", Chairs: Scott Russo and Sonoko Ogawa

Aki Takahashi (University of Tsukuba)
Projections from the dorsal raphe nucleus that is involved in escalation of aggression

Scott Russo (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
Role of lateral habenula in aggressive social behavior

Hitoshi Okamoto (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)
The sedative effect of the cholinergic transmission in the habenulo-interpeduncular pathway in social conflict

Days Lin (New York University)
The neural mechanism of aggression

Sonoko Ogawa (University of Tsukuba)
Mechanisms of steroid hormone action on the neural network for aggression 

July 22, 2017, Makuhari, Japan.

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