Doctoral Program

Science of Mental Disorders

This field of research regards mental disorders (including developmental disability) in people as a disability of higher brain function and behavior. As such, we strive to elucidate the disease states and examine treatment measures using biological, behavioral science, and psychological methodologies.

This field of research focuses on developmental and mental disabilities during development (childhood) and mental disabilities during adulthood.

The former includes pediatric neurology, pediatric psychiatry, behavioral developmental psychology, and developmental neuropsychology; the latter includes psychiatry, neurology, behavioral science, and clinical neuropsychology.

Clinical research will also be conducted through affiliated hospitals, psychological consultation centers, and health management centers.

Research Topics

  • Study of attachment disorders in child abuse
  • Psychopathological study of schizophrenia
  • Cognitive-neuropsychological study in persons with higher-order brain dysfunction, especially developmental dyslexia and dementia
  • Research on awareness and impact of autistic disorders
  • Development of non-pharmacological intervention programs for persons with dementia