Doctoral Program

Kansei Design Studies

The Kansei Design studies a tacit process of humans that is usually activated by interacting with objects or systems. This process develops a foundation of communication between objects and humans, with the goal of developing a better society.

The target of the research covers all types of creative work, including design. Development of this theory is expected to support social communication through creative activity.

  1. Coursework: Based on the cross-disciplinary point of view, coursework is designed upon a flexible system of disciplines, in order to educate students to be a good teacher as well as a researcher who can analyze complicated problems related to the mind. We have also designed an advanced-researcher and advanced-professional course to support alumni so that they can become leaders in society who solve very complicated problems.
  2. Advanced-researcher course: Although the study of Kansei Science is the major topic, students will be educated with an understanding of related disciplines, such as cognitive science, robotics, and instrumentation engineering, in order to become innovative researchers who can understand the mechanisms of mind and heart.
  3. In the advanced professional course, we educate professionals with the knowledge necessary knowledge for design, including fields such as kansei science, physiology, and psychology. Students in this program are expected to bridge professional fields, including combinations such as design and marketing or design and interactions.
  4. Graduates are expected to proceed to the Doctoral Program. However, quite a few go into the professional world to work in research and product planning, e.g., research on the driving experience at a car company.
  5. Graduates: University of Tsukuba, Hokkaido University, Chiba University, Tsukuba University of Technology, Kogakuin University, Tokyo University of Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Future University-Hakodate, Sapporo City University, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Netherlands), Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Chiba Institute of Technology, Hongik University (Korea), Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University, Siga Prefectural Rehabilitation Center, L’Oreal Japan, Muroran Institute of Technology, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, etc.

Research Topics

  • Kansei evaluation of shapes in design-A new trial of user categorization using tactile senses
  • Kansei approach for usability of information devices
  • Cross-cultural study based on personalities and thought-pattern characteristics